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Always feel confident in what you wear. If you leave the house with second thoughts on what you are wearing. It is most probably wrong for you that day.Do the blink test. Stand in front of a full length mirror. Look at yourself quickly and see what mental image you give yourself. Do all of your pieces work together?

Don’t settle for a near fit have your clothes made or altered to fit you will always look better groomed. The clothing will sit better and create better lines to the body. Also a well fitting garment will make even an inexpensive garment look expensive. Never substitute quantity for quality buying in bulk can leave you looking as if you have lots of cheap pieces. Choose your garments wisely they are an asset in your future.

Wear a fine to medium texture of fabric to beat the flab. Finer textures sit more closely to the body and do not give an added illusion of size. Chunky knits sit out from the body and create an illusion of a fuller person. Mind you if it is winter and you are going to the football just rug up and enjoy the game.

Always dress to suit the occasion. If you don’t know what will be appropriate to wear ask the person you are going to see about their dress standards. You will always be on a stronger footing if you look as if you fit in. Always remove the tags. I once saw an entire football team board an aircraft with the suit labels still on their sleeves.

You can’t leave your hat on. The only time I have ever really seen a man wear his hat indoors is at the bar of a racecourse. In this situation men are often rushing in and out to watch the form of the horses in the next race.

Find a great tailor. They will ensure your clothing always fit you perfectly. Shop where you can trust the staff. Keep an eye on the details good quality buttons are a sign of a good quality garment. You want to know you can rely on honest advice and not just someone hoping to make a sale. Remove any clothing from your wardrobe that does not work. The clothes hanging in your wardrobe need to fit you perfectly and be ideal for your lifestyle. Problem pieces are just space wasters. Organize your wardrobe. Trousers together suits together shirts together etc. it will make finding the correct combination so much easier.

Your pinstripe can create an image. A fine wide pinstripe is conservative and elegant. A perfect pinstripe suit will have a faint line through the fabric that is evenly spaced. When the pinstripe are too close or too bright the overall effect is comical cheap or reminiscent of the mafia in the 1920s.Don’t let your pinstripe take over. Wide pinstripes can make a heavy person look heavier and a short person shorter. Medium pinstripes of about 1 cm make a short person taller and a heavy person lighter.

Always dress as if you are expecting to run into someone you respect. Running out of the house in your oldest tracksuit or your Warrick capper shorts will be the time you run into the last person you were hoping to see when you are so poorly attired. Always expect the unexpected.

Ensure your clothes are appropriate to the occasion. There is nothing wrong with jeans at a picnic thongs on the beach or a sophisticated black suit in the boardroom. But mess these items and the locations up and you just look wrong.

If in doubt consult an image consultant. You can stress over whether you are wearing your clothing appropriately agonize over what suit to buy or waste money on the wrong look. Otherwise a consultation with an image consultant can cure all those woes for you.Vertical lines will make you look slimmer and taller. If you want to appear slimmer create verticals creases in pants and vertically patterned clothing pinstriped suits and striped tops.

A solid coloured shirt goes with a patterned suit and patterned tie. It will look very smart with a shirt and tie that both have a pattern or print. A solid tie can be worn with a patterned suit and patterned tie. If your suit is in a fabric with a patterned weave to it and your shirt has a stripe or pattern through it then a plain tie will work the best in this instance. Never wear a patterned suit with a patterned shirt and patterned tie. Have I finally got the message across? Unless a patterned suit is put together with a patterned shirt and patterned tie by the designer more often than not the look will fall. So unless you are a very creative dresser with a flair for style you should give wearing this combination a miss.

Purchase your pants and jackets in neutral colours for greater versatility. Those of you who have had your colours done with me will understand the difference between base colours and neutrals. Neutrals are stone grey black browns and navy. To name a few. They are ideal colours to mix with everything in your wardrobe and mix amongst themselves.

When waiting to impress dress to the same level of dressiness as your client. This is not as tricky as it sounds if you are pitching to traditionally dressed businessmen and you show up in slacks and a shirt they may you as inferior. Similarly it the people you are meeting with wear jeans lose the power suit and go in smart slacks and shirt as they will feel more comfortable with you and what you represent. Just to make it very confusing if you work in finance everyone will expect you to wear a suit. 

Don’t wear dressy accessories such as wingtip shoes with jeans. Keep your level of dressing equal. Accessories are shoes watches and ties. If your outfit is dressy make your accessories match if it is not jeans then wear more relaxed watch and shoes.

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