Friday, May 25, 2018

Impress your girl - prasantt ghosh

Impress your girl - prasantt ghosh

You’ve got a date; the cool chic you have been eyeing, finally said’ ‘’yes’’. And you have to make an impression, your personal charms and wit will come in handy but do not underestimate the power of sheer physical appearance.          

In today’s time, men have started thinking of their feet. They are engaged in a loving, caring relationship with them. They are tending to their needs and pampering them with costly pedicures and after their feet have been properly groomed they are slipping them into sandals. When it comes to clothing too, buy the right size, do not go and buy anything if it does not suit you or can be altered easily. Shave daily twice if necessary as an unshaven man looks unprofessional, your daily shaves not only removes your facial hair but also your top layer of dead skin cells effectively giving you a daily exfoliation. Warm water softens your beard make a habit of shaving after you have had a shower to get the hairs of your beard as soft as possible .That is why your skin looks so fresh afterwards. When it comes to conversation with your lady love show at least 80 percent interested in whatever she is talking, just let go off all the worldly worries (going on in your mind) which you are going to solve after you depart with her. Never draw so much attention if you have a fault or she has a fault in some worthless matter. Remember no is perfect in this world and everyone would like to get treated as the boss. 
Check out those options, if you have ‘’nothing to wear’’

If you have a gym perfect body, you should show it off. Try the latest skin fit lycra, microfiber tights in black or metallic colour with black stretch jeans and black athletic shoes.

For a date – by- day, opt for a spotless white body hugging t shirt and acid washed blue jeans. For a carefree, young look, wear a soft check waistcoat.

The skinny boy can wear a stone washed check, solid coloured shirt over a round necked t- shirt or a shirt that is one size larger. Wearing a horizontal stripe or pattern t- shirt with a round neck will also make you look broader. Always remember clothing which looks and feels cheap and nasty will have the end result of making you also look cheap and nasty.

The over- weight boy with a paunch should wear a thigh length shirt, t- shirt with narrow trousers. Choose and buy cloth only that suits you and your lifestyle, do not become a fashion disaster.

The laid back jughead figure – head should opt for the latest soft pants, pajamas’ in checks along with a plain cotton t- shirt and a peak cap.

The cool, suave guys should wear the round neck, Nehru collar cotton shirts in pastel plains or checks over sun washed blue, safari or military green jeans.

For the smooth guy with extra style, a pair of pure white  jeans and a black t- shirt with a designer log [ck, Armani] are ideal. The short guy should opt for   t- shirt with vertical stripes. This should go without saying change your underwear daily. Wearing red underwear will give you a lift and no one need to know why.

Athletic black  sneakers by reebok, adidas etc. The sandals now progressively incorporate less leather and are getting more comfortable. Increased sales of men’s fashion sandals reflect the trend. Sandals have become an important part of the men’s wardrobe. Men typically don’t have the variety of shoe options that women have and so sandals have become a welcome bit of diversity.

Are more men getting pedicures because they’re wearing sandals? Or are men wearing more sandals and thus finding that they pedicures. It is you to decide, dear readers. Keeping your shoes current dated with a modern fashionable suit will help you long way.

The right belt for the right look! A sleek braided jute piece with leather ends for the elegant, suave look and a  broad leather piece with a chunky gold buckle for the solid macho look. A regular leather belt with a sleek style for the well- bred look.

A gold plated chain bracelet, nameplate bracelet, a thin gold chain, a classy watch or gimmicky gizmo classy leather or a metal key chain for your bike\Car will also add to your charm.

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