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Bindi- for beauty of forehead. BY- Prasantt Ghosh

Bindi- for beauty of forehead. BY- Prasantt Ghosh

There is nothing that add a finishing touch to a Indian lady face then a bindi. We have taken lot of things from the western culture and trend, so has the western countries who has taken our style of wearing bindi. You will see many of the top singers like Janet Jackson, Beyonce etc who wears the bindi in their music album. Add a zero to figure one and its value will increase ten times. Likewise, place a Bindi[ dot] on your forehead after make-up and the charm of the face will enhance ten times. In ancient times women used to decorate the forehead with roli, kumkum, sindoor and chandan. Today, bindis are available in different colours to match the makeup and dress. You are the best judge to decide what suits you. The colour of your dress and shape of your face should determine the shape, size and colour of the bindi you choose. Some popular motifs available are round, long, oblong, triangular, crescent, moon- like; etc. Some tips on what will suit your kind if of face are given below;
A small forehead appears large with an oblong bindi.

A broad forehead looks good with a round bindi.
On fair complexion, red looks striking whereas on dark complexion pink, orange or sandalwood colours appears prominent.

Wheatish complexion requires a light red bindi.
If the facial skin is very dark, do not use red, steel grey or chocolate colours.

If the eyes are large, apply a big bindi and for small eyes a small bindi.

A tall women should use a round- shaped bindi, whereas a short woman should put on a long shaped bindi.

If you have a broad forehead, place the bindi in the middle of the forehead, but in case of a narrow forehead put it between the eyebrows.
In summers, light tinged bindis look pleasant.

During winters, bright colours add a glow to the face. There is nothing evergreen then the bindi.Wear your bindi in style and enhance the charm of your face.

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