Thursday, May 24, 2018

Female’s accessories and lifestyle – Prasantt ghosh

Female’s accessories and lifestyle – Prasantt ghosh

Your 20’s are a time for style, career and love experimentation, but when a woman enters her 30s she should have a certain number of things that represent her uniquely. As much as we love the trends that come and go, there’s nothing better than a solid investment piece that will last through the years.

Don’t skip breakfast. It will give you the energy you need to start your day and be more vibrant. Get enough rest. A well rested person easily looks ten years younger than someone burning the candle at both ends.

Laugh at jokes. Laughter will show you are still young at heart. Dance at parties. What better way to display your vibrancy than to get up and boogie at a party. Start the day with a cold splash of water. As shocking as this can be to the system a cold splash of water will invigorate you and get the blood pumping.

Keep an eye on the plastic nosepieces of your glasses as they can start looking old and dirty before too long. It costs very little to replace them and keep your glasses looking fresh. Wear fine metal framed glasses. These will give you a more modern and lighter younger look. Avoid the heavy weight frames.

Dispose of all chunky plastic frames eyewear. Heavy plastic frames are typical of old people. Change them to thin metal or go frameless and you will drop years instantly. Wear glasses with an upward lift. Glasses with frames that lift up in the outer corners will give the same appearance as a mini eyelift.

Go for a small heel. Homy peds are great but if you want to get noticed wear a small heel. You don’t have to endure stiletto thin points in a four inch heel but a small heel can give you a lift and make you look more vital and younger.

Always dress as though you are meeting someone always expects to meet someone even when you are popping out for a moment. When you run down to be shops or pop into the office on a day off looking less than impressive you will inevitably meet someone you wish to impress. Always dress with that thought in mind. A conversation this will show your interest without making you seem as though you are cross examining the other person. Even if you’re not a fragrance girl, find a lotion, oil or body wash that’s perfectly suits you.

Don’t put yourself down someone compliments you, by responding negatively to a compliment you are either making yourself out to be a lady lacking confidence or an egoist looking for additional compliments. You are also disagreeing with the person complimenting you which you which can be seen as rude. Invest in bags accessories something that will never go out of style.

Be wary of round toed low heeled shoes. Disguise a neck roll with long chains. If you are developing a roll of flesh at your neck wear longer chains. It is a common habit of older women to wear a string of pearls over the roll and directly drawing the eye to it. Join the strand of pearls with another longer strand of pearls with another longer strand to draw the eye away from the problem area.

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