Thursday, May 24, 2018


BIHU for MEN - prasantt ghosh

For me, the most awaited time in a year has arrived. It's Bihu it's the new year in Assamese and Bengali Calender. It's the time in a year where I finally can see all my old friends and relatives. All the members use to come in a vacation despite of their busy schedules, to spend the time together with joy on the occasion of Bihu. A mood of festivity and gaiety can be seen, filling the atmosphere with laughter. All the ladies in the family get together and use to prepare pithas and other eatable stuffs. Bihu always bring joy.

Nowadays fashion and beauty industry plays a major role in it. We define a metrosexual as someone who really takes care of themselves in terms of grooming and style. There is nothing wrong with that. But I think you need to have some other values. It’s cool to incorporate some traditional values into metro sexuality. Then it becomes a good lifestyle. People are more conscious with how they look and present themselves.  So our culture is reaching greater hype. It is not just the songs and the flowers now. But it is more of a kind of consciousness for people to meet certain standards of fashion and lifestyle. Garment manufacturers, fashion designers, jewellery and accessory designers, gyms and beauty salons are approached by people. The Assamese culture is shifting its ways of doing things. But it is a part of growth and development. World Globalization is showing in every aspect of our lives. So even in our culture, it is showing its effect. But the best part is, the feeling of Bihu never changes. It is same and will remain same in every Assamese person’s heart and mind no matter how much time shifts. 

Other then common fabrics, I have also worked with Assam silk ,Eri andMuga silk for specific clientele. I believe in the psychology that a garment should be for the comfort. It should allow a person to move easily and comfortably wearing it. Indian market is dominated by high garment embellishments and surface structures. What I feel is that along with allthe requirement for enhancing, the basic requirements of comfort, fit and ease shouldn't be ignored. With, charm and smart sarcasm put together in a neatly cut suit Clothing is like our second skin, and it should be as comfortable as our first skin.

“Being classy is the keyword here whatever you wear; the contemporary sophisticate, underlined by the word stylish; and the younger, trendy and carefree lot fun goes a long way in this segment’’ a well groomed bear demonstrates that men take care of their appearance – it signifies authority. When men flaunt their beard with formal suits, they are commanding respect through their individuality. The growth of the beard is also a reaction to women’s growing economic power. The men want to reassert their masculinity in old ways.

Now for man, decide upon a western or an ethnic look. Kurta pyjamas, churidars, pathani, dhoti, shawls, sherwani, bandhgalas, choga or achkans are a few ideas. If height is a constraint, avoid bandhgalas and achkans. These dresses carry with them our age old traditions that keep us connected to our roots and make us enjoy our vibrant cultures. Coordinate tie pins, cuff links, rings, gold chain, watch and bracelet with the outfit. Wear simple yet elegant shoes with a western outfit and jootis .Nude colour shoes goes well with all fabrics also India skin. On d- day keep hair short, gelled and shampooed, and shave closely. Spray a deodorant and keep tissues and your wallet handy. Now there are some clients of mine who is in favour of a no- embroidery look ‘’ I would like to give an outfit block printed in festive colours, which is very dressy and at the same time unusual .I feels that a large number of people are sick of heavy embroidery and want a change. Coming to men’s clothing, we find that the unstructured ‘Angrakha’, that was a court outfit in ancient times, has given birth to the ‘Bandhgala’. It is now a preferred dress for weddings and formal occasions. It is also a favourite with politicians and the royals. Another dress that is considered perfect for weddings is the Sherwani.

Don’t drag yourself down. If a jacket or waist coat is marginally too long in the body for you depending on the design, a tailor should be able to shorten it. Know your sleeve length; the correct length of a shirt sleeve is the bottom knuckle of your thumb when undone and the base of your hand where it meets your thumb when buttoned. Quality is worth the cost. A quality cashmere coat in black navy or camel will complement any wardrobe. A jacket should reveal no more than of cuff. Any more or less and either your jacket sleeve or your shirt sleeve is the wrong length. Being perfectly well-dressed gives one a tranquility that no religion can bestow.

Bihu is a part of us and will always be the most special moment of the year. No matter how much the yarns of muga, eri  might infuse with other fibres, that unique and special feeling of Bihu will remain the same in every Assamese’s heart.

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