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LADIES POWER DRESS -prasantt ghosh

LADIES POWER DRESS -prasantt ghosh

Power dressing is the buzzword of the day, and the upsurge is like never before, with the growing awareness of corporate dressing, the western look is here to stay.

With more and more Indian women discarding churidhars for well tailored skirts and Indian men in the trouser suit snare already, designers who work with western clothes flourishing like never before.

Many designers specializes in suits and shirts and the market has boomed over the past few years, it could be due to the invasion of satellite TV, or just the awareness of corporate dressing today.  

‘’ I believe that fashion is subjective to an individual;’’ a woman should chose an outfit that suits her figure. Though, fashion has to be practical, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, body type and bone structure are important factors to consider while choosing western clothes. This means that there are no clothes that could be completely universal. A woman  who are short and fat should steer clear of bell bottoms and from fabrics that cling to her body.

Colours come next in choice of wardrobe for men and women. Short people should keep away from dark colours but by and large the complexion is the best gauge while choosing colours. Pastel colours would suit fair skin and people but Indian skin would do well with natural colours.

 I think the natural colours like khaki, camel off white, white sand do wonders for Indian skin.As also spice colours like turmeric, burnt orange, soft olive and subdued Bordeaux. Adventurous colours should be reserved for the night like turquiose, fuschia, royal purple and emerald.

The choice of fabric should also as natural as you can get. He would choose hand-woven cottons, linens, super fine wools and hand woven silks any day to the polyester blends and other mixes that have gained a lot of popularity of late.

Expect respect. If you find you are being referred to as babe honey or darling respond simply with an excuse me or pardon to make sure you will not be called by anything but your name.

Don’t let your breast speak for you. When a man insists on talking to your breast don’t reply until he looks at you in the eye. I don’t know you but my breast never have much to say and I don’t like to speak for them. Cover your tattoos. Tattoos may be fashionable to some people but even a glimpse of one could turn off any potential boss or client. Keep them covered when at work.

Wear the appropriate clothing required. If you are invited to a function that has a specific dress code adheres to it. It is an insult to the host to not wear the suitable clothing.

Don’t put yourself down when someone compliments you. By responding negatively to a compliment you are either making yourself out to be lacking in confidence or an egotist looking for additional compliments. You are also disagreeing with the person complimenting you which can be seen as rude. Accept compliments with grace and thanks.

While creating a western wardrobe, I believe that individual pieces should be chosen that can mixed and matched. A knitted blouse would prove very handy. Worn with a Jacket and a scarf, it would suit almost any occasion.

A black jacket is a must. Trousers, skirts and a few basic blouses and you would have clothes for any kind of look. The tailoring however, should be immaculate and the fall, perfect. Always carry a handkerchief or tissue. What more can I say, this is just commonsense.

Always carry business cards. If you don’t have a work businesscard  have a personal one printed. The business card is singly one of the most important business tools we have. Many women think because they don’t have a corporate job they don’t need one. The better we present ourselves the more seriously we will be taken. Having your own business or personal card will stop you having to rummage through your handbag for a pen and a scrap of paper or old shopping receipt to pass on your details to someone.

Carry a good pen. You wouldn’t be impressed if someone pulled out an old not working pen to sign an important document so don’t do it yourself. Always carry a nice pen.

Ethnic clothes hang from the shoulder and fall, the fit is not important, which is why they have become more popular. But western clothes are now in great demand as people have realized the importance of power dressing, I personally believe in the neat, clean and peaceful look and clothes that fall in straight line in clothes that are both chic and comfortable. Nifty suits, naughty skirts, natty ensembles.The look western the aura awesome.

So if churidars and salwar suits have driven you too weariness, turn western. Hold your chin up. Instant weight loss can be achieved just by holding your chin up. The straighter you stand the taller and slimmer you will appear. There excess chins melt away while your height and self confidence grows. You might able to convey in body languages what you would never dare to say in words.

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