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Dream date-prasantt ghosh

Hey girls, finally it has come…..Your first date with the dream guy you always wanted and together with  lots off confusions what to wear and what not to wear. Take the time to dress well, your appearance not only shows your respect for yourself but for the other person as well. A lack of preparation is like putting a bad image in public.

Meeting a new date straight from work ensure you freshen your make up either take a change of clothes or arrange to meet in a location where your work clothes won’t look out of place. You want to feel comfortable in what you are wearing and where you are meeting so chose a location that suits your clothing or wear clothing to suit the location. You would have hated to wear your best dress for that new restaurant only to end up at his mate’s place.  Wear something that you feel comfortable in on a first date, trying too hard to get it right in simply getting it all wrong.

Avoid a red face by using corrective powder conceal to avoid any redness or rashes. This is either foundation or powder that acts to conceal any redness in your skin.

Don’t cover yourself in jewellery aside from the fact that instead of looking rich you could look cheap; you may also have your date thinking that they can’t afford you.

Have a snack before you go out or you could get caught up chatting and before you know it, your stomach will be joining in the conservation.

Be true to yourself the first impression you make will hopefully be a good one. Ensure that you present yourself in a manner that is true to you. If you do anything else it is near impossible to keep it up for long.

Find out where you are going beforehand on a first date find so that you can dress appropriately. Wear clothing in medium tones these colors are the easiest on the eyes and are also considered the friendliest. No matter how you feel your date will only notice how easy on the eyes you are.

Never try a new perfume on a first date it could react badly with your skin and not be as pleasant after an hour or so. Keep your fragrances subtle you never knew there may be some nuzzling later and your date won’t want a mouth full of your cologne

Going heavy on the smiles and eye contact are more appealing than exposing lots of thigh and cleavage no matter what the boys might say…

A warm and friendly personality is a great start .But if this doesn’t win your date over tells them you are close friends with someone famous and fabulous and then dump him and look for someone who does like your personality.

Be confident in your appearance, if you start by asking if you look all right your date might think you are fishing for complements and are completely selfobsessed.
Always have enough money in your purse for a cab home.

No matter how nervous you are don’t cross your arms.  It is a defensive sign and you may give the impression you dislike the person.

Your shoes must be clean polished and unstuffed being aware of the small details will show you to be a person who takes notice and get things done. Have a rubber sole added to new leather soled shoes in this case I am referring to a toppy sole it extends the life of your shoes and keeps you from slipping on highly polished floors and smooth carpets.

Make sure your feet are sandal worthy if sandals are appropriate to wear ensure your feet are well presented. Your toenails should be manicured and polished and your heels should be smooth. Chapped cracked heels and chipped nail polish will downgrade even the most elegantly presented woman.

The same goes for hands, well groomed fingernails are just as important as your toenails. Once again they should be manicured buffed or polished. Freckles on the arms will mean saying no to sleeveless outfits. So settle for the next best choice. Transparent net, organdie or organza sleeve. Take a cue from Madhuri Dixit old movie Dil to pagal hai. Madhuri wears fitted transparent terryvoile kurtas with solid bodice and churidars underneath, subtly revealing the middle and the arms.

Handkerchief perfume, fresheners and exotic perfumes are also effective in diverting attention from these figure faults.

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